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Terms and conditions

This document intends to define the use terms and conditions by which on one hand, Spylink, hereafter the EDITOR, provide its users with the site and the related services available on the site, and on the other hand, the way the user accesses the site and uses the services. Any connection to the site is subject to the acceptance of these terms and conditions. Where the user accesses the EDITOR's site at "", he accepts all the terms and conditions described hereafter.

Intellectual property

This site cannot be reproduced without the authorization of Spylink, even under section L.122-5 of the intellectual property code.

Editor's responsibility

The information and/or the documents on this site and/or provided through this site are from sources deemed reliable. However, this information and/or these documents may contain technical mistakes and typos. The EDITOR's reserves the right to correct these mistakes as soon as he is made aware of them. It is highly recommended to verify the exactitude and the relevance of the information and/or the documents provided on this site. The information and/or the documents provided on this site may be modified at any time, and may have been updated. In particular, they may be updated between the moment they are downloaded and the moment the user is made aware of their existence. The information and/or the documents provided on this site are used under the user's sole responsibility. He assumes all the consequences arising from them. The EDITOR cannot be held responsible of those mistakes and no legal action may be taken against him. The EDITOR will not be held responsible of any damage of any nature arising from the interpretation or the use of the information and/or the documents provided on this site.

Access to the site

The editor does is best to give access at anytime, 7 days a week, except in case of force majeure, of an unforeseeable event and in case of any failure or maintenance interventions necessary for the site and the related services to work properly. Therefore, the EDITOR can guaranty neither the site and/or the services availability, nor the reliability and performance of transmissions as for response time or quality is concerned. No technical support will be provided to the user either by electronically or on the phone.

The editor's responsibility may not be engaged in case it is impossible to access the site and/or the services.

Also, the EDITOR may have to put the site or part of the services on hold, at any time without previous notice, and will not lead to any compensation. The user acknowledges and accepts that the EDITOR will not be responsible of any interruptions, the consequences that may arise from them for the user.

Purpose of the site and the description of the services

The Spylink website enables its clients to collect technical information about a person who has access to Internet.

Except otherwise noted, the Spylink website is accessible from anywhere, as long as the minimum technical conditions are met, particularly regarding network access.

The member accepts to respect all public rules related to the Internet users' attitude and applicable in the country where they use the Spylink website.

At any time, Spylink reserves the right to modify or relocate its site content, to put it part or all of the site on hold, temporarily or permanently, without having prior notice to the member.

Registration and membership

To uses the services, any member must create an account, directly or through a third party, using the online registration and choosing a fare plan and accepting, with unconditionally the use of terms and conditions.

Once registered, the member will have an ID and a password which will enable him to access his account. The member commits to keep his ID and his password confidential. He assumes the responsibility of all the actions taken with his ID and password.

The member commits to give exact, complete and up-to-date information. Should the information provided by the member be false, incomplete, outdated, Spylink reserves the right, without any penalty or prior notice, to put on hold or terminate the member's account, to eliminate all or part or the member' data or files on the site, to disable access to his websites, pages, files and data, or to prevent him from accessing all or part of the Spylink services, without any penalty for rightful actions he may be entitled to take.

Spylink reserve, at its discretion, the right to refuse to give access to its services to people who give, during the registration, information Spylink deemed incompatible with a good service organization and management.


Prices offered by Spylink for its services are available at

Spylink reserves the right to revise its prices at any time.

Technical obligations

It is the client responsibility to make sure he has the technical tools (OS, software, etc.) to access the products and services. That is to say that the customer's browser must support Java Script and accept cookies.

To obtain an optimal result about certain information to be collected, Internet users who click on a Spylink-generated link must respect certain conditions:

Network and geographical information

The IP address, the access provider name and the localization information might be erroneous in the following cases:

System information

The victim must activate Java Script to enable Spylink to collect the following information:

Modifying Use Conditions

The EDITOR reserves the possibility to modify, at any time with no prior notice, the use conditions to adapt them to the site evolutions and/or operation.

Internet Common Rules

The user declares he accepts Internet features and limits, and particularly acknowledges the following: The EDITOR does not take any responsibility for the services accessible through Internet and does not control in any manner the nature and the features of the data that may transit through its server.
The user acknowledges that the data provided through Internet are not protected, particularly against unintended use. The use of the Spylink logo ensures the data validity. The user communicates any information he deems sensitive or confidential at his own risks.
The user acknowledges the data communicated through Internet may be regulated or copyright protected.
The user is the only responsible for the use of data he consults, searches and transfers on Internet.
The user acknowledges that the EDITOR has no control means on the service content accessible on Internet

Applicable Law

This site as well as the use terms and conditions regulating its usage are subject to the French law, wherever it is used. In case of a legal action, and after having used all friendly conciliation options, only French courts will be competent to resolve a cause. For any question related to the website use terms and conditions, you may contact us using our contact form:

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